What is Prenatal Genetic Testing?

Prenatal Genetic Testing refers to tests that are done prior to birth. These tests are done to either screen or diagnose a birth defect. The main goal of Prenatal Genetic Testing is to provide families with information early in the pregnancy to assist the mother and child in the best care and treatment possible.

How does it work?

Doctors us Amniocentesis for prenatal testing. Amniocentesis is a diagnostic test in which an ultrasound is used as a guide to determine a safe location for the needle to enter the amniotic sac so the fluid may be safely removed. The amniotic fluid, which contains cells shed by the fetus, is sent to the laboratory for analysis. The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes, while the collection of the amniotic fluid takes less than 5 minutes. Results can take up to a couple of days or weeks to be returned.


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